Other popular locations include the Grays Ferry Crescent Skatepark and Lanier Playground. [31][32], Taoiseach Leo Varadkar spoke in Dil ireann and said that Irish authorities would investigate any involvement regarding their country. Investigators say Officers Bradford Conlon and Antoine Hayes opened fire when a woman pointed a gun at them. Grays Ferry is a neighborhood in Philadelphia. [4] Other refugee groups have expressed concern that the border confusion surrounding Brexit will give more opportunities for groups to commit similar crimes. It originally contained 1,077 units, of which 925 are still in use. But flames shot through the back of the home. An accident in Grays Ferry left public transit riders with a memorable scene Wednesday when a power line pole fell on top of a SEPTA 40 bus. [42] A Belgian public prosecutor said that this was the lorry driver they had been searching for, who had been seen on CCTV ten times at Zeebrugge while dropping off the refrigerated trailer. The officers said they saw a man and a woman outside a home on South Bailey Street, but seconds later the woman began firing several shots at the officers. [61] On 14 April 2021 he pleaded not guilty and is due to stand trial in 2023. ezeRoad 1299 S 30th St Pennsylvania. Pennovation Works at 34th and Grays Ferry Avenue, the University of Pennsylvania's newest campus for research and innovation, officially opened in October 2016. Someones fist crunched the right side of his face and sent bits and pieces of his teeth flying out of his mouth. PhillyVoice Staff, Former Roseto, Pennsylvania councilman charged in alleged love triangle killing, Philadelphia police officers asked to wear cloth masks amid COVID-19 crisis, Man found dead in homicide at Jersey Shore home, prosecutors say, Jason Kelce could make a 'Saturday Night Live' cameo with his brother Travis hosting, School District of Philadelphia to relocate Building 21 students following asbestos exposure, Eagles wide receiver Zach Pascal robbed at gunpoint in Maryland, Eli Lilly slashed insulin prices, starting a race to the bottom. A Collision Records representative is available to assist you with any questions concerning the entry or completion of the Police Traffic Collision Report (PTCR). [90], Liu Xiaoming, China's ambassador to the UK, said in a tweet that the embassy was in "close contact with the British police to seek clarification and confirmation of the relevant reports" and that "we read with heavy heart the reports about the death of 39 people". [5] In the evening of 23 October, the Belgian prosecutor's office announced that they would also investigate the lorry's transit through their country. [11][12], On 2 November, police clarified they were all Vietnamese. Grays Ferry. An hour before closing time, Randall walked in with his girlfriend Priscilla and Priscillas brother. Police initially characterized the incident as a shootout. Next month, the developers are coming to Civic Design Review to present a plan to build a storage facility at this location. My buddy Bill Gaffney was talking into the pay phone attached to the wall near the front entrance. Advocating for their clients toward the best settlement, or jury award outcomes is . Philadelphia police investigating gunshots opened fire after a weapon was pointed at them, killing a man behind a home the Grays Ferry neighborhood overnight, Philadelphia police said. Police say the suspect fired shots at the officers and they returned fire. NBC10's Katy Zachry spoke to a neighbor who tried to help. Randall then purchased three memberships and paid for them in full. The incident happened at approximately 1:54 a.m. at the intersection of 34th Street and Grays Ferry Avenue. They fled inside the residence through a rear kitchen door, with the officers following behind. [71][72] Alexandru-Ovidiu Hanga, of Tilbury, and Gazmir Nuzi, of Tottenham, also pleaded guilty to assisting unlawful immigration in June and September 2020 respectively. Wed. Open 24 hours. Like us on Facebook: PhillyVoice "So, basically, Zahiem is not guilty. Howard Cosell was broadcasting the fight for ABC-TV. Add Adam's RSS feed to your feed reader But Randalls girlfriend didnt know the name of the bar or its location. [16][17] There have been a number of incidents in which migrants to Europe died or were injured as a result of dangerous transportation methods. Police took Woods into custody shortly after the incident . Police said both officers involved in the incident were not injured. The front seat passenger could be seen wearing a light-colored shirt with the letter "P" on the chest. The officers got out of their marked patrol car and approached the rear of a property where a piece of plywood was being used as a gate, police said. Police have described the three gunmen as Black males. That contradicts the police report that said the alleged victim had identified Zahiem as the shooter, Hardy said. Get directions. [56] His solicitor applied for bail and the prosecution opposed it. [41], On 26 October, the Irish police said they had detained a man in his 20s at Dublin Port who was of interest to Essex Police as part of its investigation into the lorry deaths. Privacy Policy for barrybowe.com. Flag. [85], Extra UK immigration officers are to be deployed at the Belgian border port of Zeebrugge and more Border Force staff will operate at Purfleet as a result of the incident. west side of the 34th Street Bridge near . Pete Dexter never saw the first punch coming. [8] Belgian officials said the people were trapped in the trailer for at least 10 hours. As of February 2023, the average rent price in Grays Ferry, PA for a 2 bedroom apartment is $1750 per month. Roller coaster accident (Season 14) In the 300th episode, "Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story," a roller coaster derails, injuring patients who bear a certain . When Bill returned to the bar, I was ready to drink up and get going, but Bill said we werent going anywhere just yet. [21] The family of a 26-year-old Vietnamese woman made public her last text message to her parents which she sent as she was dying;[22] her family said they paid around 30,000 to smuggle their daughter from Vietnam to the UK. When someone has been seriously injured in a car crash in Grays Ferry, they are faced with unexpected medical costs and lost income. It sounded like serious business. [55] On 29 April 2020 he appeared before the High Court via videolink, during which he was described as the "ringleader" of a criminal gang. The ferry crash is a catastrophe that happened during a fog. The officers pushed down the plywood, revealing a 22-year-old woman and a 33-year-old man. Parking stalls used by residents of adjoining homes on the 1400 . NBC10 hires Fred Shropshire to replace Jim Rosenfield as weekday evening anchor. Further information can be found here. After his wife died in surgery, a . PHILADELPHIA - Philadelphia police are looking to identify three gunmen, as well as a passenger, they say were involved in a deadly shooting earlier this month in Grays Ferry. Browse our Weekly Circular Add items to your cart or list. Adam Hermann Randall fought Larry Holmes in the Astrodome on November 26 and Holmes destroyed Randall in a match that went the full 15 rounds. [46][47] In February 2020, the man was given leave to appeal the extradition judgment. It's not clear at this point if that exchange of gunfire led to his death. This segment has three trail entrances: Wharton Street and Schuylkill Avenue. [66] He was remanded in custody until 13 December when he appeared in court, via a video link from Belmarsh Prison in London where he was being held until his trial. The development currently consists of clusters of two and three-story brick row houses located on 40 acres at 30th and Tasker streets in the Grays Ferry section of South Philadelphia. Neighbors said a family -- two parents and several young children -- had lived in the home for about a year. Firefighters responded within two minutes, but the row home was consumed by fire when they arrived. He was returned to the UK where he was charged with 39 counts of manslaughter and conspiracy to assist unlawful immigration. Triage was set up at the waterfront and doctors from Seattle Grace Hospital were sent into the field to triage patients before they could be moved to the hospital. . On 23 October 2019, the bodies of 39 Vietnamese people 31 men and 8 women were found in the trailer of an articulated refrigerator lorry in Grays, Essex, United Kingdom. All rights reserved, Pennsylvania Lawmaker Won't Quit Amid Sex Misconduct Claim, Police in Delaware Arrest Two Men For Murder, New Jersey Bill Seeks to Ban Sale of Baby Wipes, Check Your Change! The circumstances of the shots that had been fired before police arrived at the scene were not immediately known. Both the man and woman ran into the Bailey Street home where the man collapsed on the living room floor and the woman appeared to ditch her weapon under the kitchen sink, police said. Neither Salahuddin, an eighth grader, nor his mother, Zakiyyah, could be reached for comment. Counting the bartender, there were four other men inside the bar. As the contest entered the last day, I was running neck and neck with a gym in Tennessee. They are believed to have been either victims of human trafficking (for example, as forced labourers), migrants who paid smugglers to move them to the United Kingdom, or both. Dexter later described what happened next: So this little fat guy gets up, goes outside for something, and the next thing I know the room is filled up maybe 30 guys. 1977. Zahiem said one of his friends shot the alleged victim in the stomach, but he did not see the shooting. We wanted to join them to cover their backs but had no idea where they were. "Pennovation is going to be a new anchor and everything will fill in the donut hole between Grays Ferry and Pennovation," suggests Dranoff, whose high-rise One Riverside on the Schuylkill River Trail looks out to Grays Ferry.. Four people received a custodial sentence of at least 13 years. [69] The counsel for the state pointed out that the 39 people died after the trailer had entered the UK and that it was nonsensical to suggest their deaths had occurred anywhere other than the UK. 1 Murder. We can tailor the menu to your budget. Copyright 2023 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. By clicking Sign Up, I confirmthat I have read and agreeto the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. south side of the Grays Ferry Avenue just west of Grove Street. Zahiem Salahuddin, 13, and his mother, Zakiyyah Salahuddin, deny that he used his toy gun to shoot anyone. In between beers, my buddy Bill called Randalls apartment again. The incident started around 8 p.m. when a 38-year-old man was shot around 8 p.m. on the 1500 block of South Taney Street. He started for the Eagles for nine seasons and scored 27 TDs. In the CNN report, this question was described to be "about the possibility of Chinese citizens being illegally trafficked" and "was rebuffed by the spokesperson". [51] On 16 March 2020, a man from Birmingham was charged with an immigration offence related to the incident. [60] In March 2021, the man appeared in court again accused by Belgian authorities of being a member of a criminal organisation, being involved in human trafficking and using forged documents. Instead, 3145 Grays Ferry Ave. is the wedge-shaped property immediately to the west of I-76, and curiously, just west of 32nd Street. Whether you're commuting, road-tripping or driving commercially, we have information to help you plan your route. For instance, my buddy Bill Gaffney married one of my aerobics girls in 1985 but the bride refused to invite Randall to the wedding because she couldnt stand him. Starts at Mar 01, 2023 01:48am Until: Mar 03, 2023 04:59am. Investigations are being led by Essex Police, and involve the national authorities of the UK, Belgium, Ireland and Vietnam. Police later moved the bodies to a mortuary at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford for post-mortems to be carried out. He didn't do anything. Four people are still hospitalized: One man who is in critical condition with soot and smoke inhalation; and a 24-year-old woman with burns and a 30-year-old man with burns and smoke inhalation, both of whom are in stable condition. The Grays Ferry Incident was the trigger for Pete Dexter's novel God's Pocket - and movie. Open now: Tue. SEPTA Public Information Manager John Golden said the incident began when a tractor trailer made contact with overhead wires. But Randall Cobb will forever hold a special place in my life. "A black pickup truck stops you without anyone in uniform. PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- New information has been released concerning a deadly police-involved shooting in the Grays Ferry section of Philadelphia.