Nashville Barrel Company Small Batch Rye Whiskey Batch 1 is easy to appreciate, and thanks to its manageable 100 proof, is a good rye for whiskey drinkers of all levels. This is classic Old Forester from a single barrel thats not cut with any water. This whiskey delivers. Finish: The end arrives with a hint of spicy old oak (think cinnamon bark and nutmeg) with deeper and creamier honey attached to burnt orange and marzipan on a velvety finish. Each barrel was hand-picked before being married into a barrel strength expression thats bottled as-is. But like many smaller distilleries sourcing their product, they try to add their own fingerprint to it. Its a mixed bag that only just starts to scrape against the true high-end bourbon whiskey on the shelf (or behind the glass at the liquor store). The aroma is gently sweet with a soft, toasted wood note, mild spice, and some bright peeled citrus notes. After about three months, those barrels were batched and this whiskey was bottled. 00:00:00. The juice is made from the same wheated bourbon recipe as Buffalo Traces Weller and Pappy lines. This very well could be your next go-to house pour and mixer (it makes a killer old fashioned). Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news and updates. Palate: The palate leans into brash winter spices with spicy and woody cinnamon, fresh nutmeg, cloves, allspice, and a hint of cardamom next to lush crme brle with a hint of that cigar vibe. By The Bourbon Flight. Nose: Blast of raspberries and luxardo cherries. Opened in 2020, Nashville Barrel Company broke whiskey tradition with its concept, where its single barrel . has been a menace since the famous liquor company started building six barrel houses in 2018 and launched plans to build 14 more. Now one of our favorite whiskey brands above all the other across Tennessee and Kentucky. This is every plus the kitchen sink but somehow still works as a fun and fresh sipper. Stats Nashville Barrel Company Straight Rye Whiskey Rare Release Single Barrel Selected by Bourbon Finds Barrel 155 Aged 8 Years 117.12 Proof Distilled in Indiana Retail Price: $100 Poured Neat in a Glencarin Color: Dark Amber Nose: As soon as I poured this, a scent of spearmint filled the Glen. Palate: The palate mellows out the cinnamon towards a woody and dry bark as the florals deepen towards summer wildflowers right at the moment that a touch of plums and berries arrive, adding sweetness and brightness. This expression is made from instant-classic Stellum Bourbon barrels. After several hours of blending and batch testing the winning blend was revealed to contain one barrel of each of NBC's house profiles. There is nothing about the experience that hasnt been thoughtfully considered from the whiskey fans point of view. Buy barrels from MGP and sell it with you own label. 2023 Nashville Barrel Co The batch is dailed in toward the flavors and vibes of the season with deep woodiness, spices, and dark fruits to help celebrate the season. And as luck would have it, I just happened to be on hand to participate. Nose: Soft grains and leather lead to a hint of sour apple on the nose with a touch of sweetgrass, woody spice, and mild toffee. Distillery: Sourced (From undisclosed distillery[ies] in Indiana), Cinnamon stick | Touch of oak | White pepper | Hint of rye spice | Big dose of lush fruits, Charred oak | Sweet vanilla | Leather | Pepper | Hints of dark cherries | Earthy flavors keep sweeter ones at bay, Creamy vanilla | Oak | Dried leather | Dash of rye spice | Short and crisp. I had seen a lot of folks raving about their whiskey in bourbon groups I am in, so, while on vacation, I stopped by their tasting room for a tasting and picked up two bottles and a glencairn since I forgot to bring my travel whiskey tasting glass with me. No chill filtration, no additives. Buy Nashville Barrel Co. Online. The whiskey in the bottle is a 6-year-and-two-month-old bourbon from MGP of Indiana. 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Please log in again. Goose Island's Bourbon County Stout (BCS) put out a lineup this year that has been well-received with variants that highlight the subtleties of the stout as well as the impressive array of barrels used for this year's batch. Breaking Bourbon did not purchase or pick this barrel for review. It gave the honey a special stamp of authenticity for me. Usually, the whiskey is cut with that soft Kentucky limestone water before bottling but not in this case. Nashville Barrel Co - Small Batch Bourbon - 86 Proof. Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Bourbon 8yr - 1107 - Snowman - Scott Stallings. Tennessee- Nashville Barrel Company is known for offering their hand selected barrels to individuals and groups to select and call their own. Finish: The finish holds onto the buzziness as the fruit wood and spice settle into a soft and sweet grit ending. Nashville Barrel Company is a new brand, and as with many upstarts, they're relying on sourced products to get the company up and running. Nashville Barrel Company is a non-distiller producer that sources its whiskey from Midwest Grain Products in Indiana. Distillery: Undisclosed Indiana (take a guess) Age: 5 years + Bottled at: Cask Strength 59.63% abv. Nashville Barrel Company Bourbon and WooShine Moonshine Home All products About Contact Refund Policy Shop Nashville Barrel Co Nashtucky Wooshine NASHVILLE COLLECTION Nashtucky NBC WooShine NASHVILLE FEATURED View all Custom Logo Bottle - 8yr Rum $119.99 Custom Logo Bottle - 6 Year Rye $149.99 Nashville Barrel Co - 6yr Single Barrel - UPROXX - #923 Company: Nashville Barrel Company Distillery: Sourced (from an undisclosed distillery [ies] in Indiana) Release Date: Ongoing Proof: 123.7 Age: 5 Years Mashbill: Undisclosed Color: Dark Gold MSRP: $75 (2021) Official Website Buy Nashville Barrel Company Straight Bourbon Single Barrel at Frootbat NOSE I'm not really a rye person, but even the rye was good. We don't settle for anything less than excellent. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news and updates. With so many similarities between the process of tasting whiskey and honey, wouldnt it be cool if you could expertly pair a particular honey with a particular whiskey? Sourced (From undisclosed distillery in Indiana), Customer accounts enabled in your Store Admin. 2023 Nashville Barrel Co Filter: Non-chill filtered . This is a classic spicy bourbon from Buffalo Trace. We believe in being transparent and offering the best barrels. Once again, James was in his element, arranging six special barrels with different properties and making everyone feel welcome. That whiskey was then bottled as-is. May 12, 2022. Additionally, its flavor profile provides enough flexibility to drink neat or for a more fun, albeit expensive, rye-based cocktail. Much like Batch 1, many of the similar fruit and spice traits are present, however the fruit flavors are slightly more pronounced in Batch 2's sip. Much to its credit, Blantons Single Barrel Bourbon arrived on the scene well before we all became obsessed with place sourcing. It also adds to the mystique of MGP in that this feels wholly its own. This is an excellently formed whiskey with a classic depth. Brass tacks, youll want to grab a case of this before Passover arrives and this disappears for another year. Theres a lovely deep fruitiness with a dry herbal vibe that gives way to more classic bourbon tones. Distillery: Sourced (from an undisclosed distillery[ies] in Indiana), Corn | Toasted marshmallow | Orange marmalade | Cherry cobbler, Cinnamon | Caramel cream candy | Toasted coconut | Allspice | Rich oak, Pistachio | White pepper | Dark chocolate | Dry oak. Copyright 2023 Bourbon & Banter, LLC. Left with two cases! Nashville Barrel Company Small Batch Rye Whiskey Batch 2 is a blend of 4 and 8 Year old rye whiskey. Nose: This is crafty bourbon turned up to 11 with a sweet porridge nose, raw leather, cold apple cider, and a hint of fresh oak. In fact, Blanton's effectively put "single barrel" on. And because of that chaotic landscape, its easy to get completely lost when youre looking at bourbons for just under $100. Master Distiller Jordan Via hand picks only 38 barrels for this blend and then cuts that whiskey with Alexander Valley spring water before bottling. The ripple here is that the blend of this bourbon was created from specific rare barrels used for Stelllum that were blended until the exact moment of the vernal equinox. Buy Nashville Barrel Co. That expertise was about to join forces with three other masters of their craft for one of the most unique whiskey projects Id ever heard of. Nashville Barrel Co - 6yr Single Barrel - UPROXX - #923, Nashville Barrel Co Hatch Show Print Poster - 14 x 22 - **FREE SHIPPING**, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Honey - #2G2 Bundle w/ Agave + Rye, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Rye Whiskey - 10yr - #479 - Stella's BDay, Nashville Barrel Co 6yr Single Barrel Rye - 7039 - #Megstrong, Nashville Barrel Co 10yr Single Barrel Rye - #639 - Rye Not Roses. The 20 bourbon whiskeys listed below are all winners in their own way. Caramel candy and vanilla beans. Nose: The nose draws you deep into the classic bourbon ecosystem of rich buttery toffees next to salted dark chocolate-covered cherries, a touch of smoked stone fruits, and a minor note of spicy tobacco leaf. Can you tell the difference between Scotch whisky and the American stuff? Once the samples had all been evaluated, it was time to put all that creative expertise to work. The care that the selection process takes and then the aging of this whiskey in a different place adds a whole new dimension to the whiskey. The team at Bardstown worked closely with Paisley a whiskey nerd himself to select, blend, and finish the bourbon according to Paisleys palate. A little background. Nashville Barrel Co. 'Nashtucky' 6 Year Bourbon #867 115.4 Proof - Selected by Seelbach's. Regular price $89.99 $79.99 Sale. About: Nashville Barrel Company is an NDP based out of Nashville, TN. Finish: The end is solid with a spicy warmth next to more of that dry firewood and a smidge of sweet oatmeal cookies. Finish: The mid-palate layers of creamy citrus with a whisper of jasmine and maybe some oolong tea as a thin line of black potting soil, dark cacao powder, and old dusty oak staves fill out the finish. The hand-selected barrels are sent to New York where theyre blended in small batches of no more than five barrels, proofed with New York limestone mine water, and bottled. Review #1: Nashville Barrel Company Straight Bourbon Whiskey Barrel #1005 - Selected by T8KE. Overall, that makes this the perfect whiskey for someone looking for something local, tasty, and more on the crafty side of things. If youre attending a movie night with friends, this is the bottle to bring along. The whiskey is made and preliminary aged in Kentucky before the barrels are sent to Nashville to continue the maturation process in a different climate. Buy Online. This masterful blend from Barrell Craft Spirits celebrates the coming of winter with a high-rye bourbon blend. It is this sense of community and shared wonder that Hinds has injected into every facet of Nashville Barrel Company, which is evident the moment you step into the building. Nashville Barrel Co 5yr Single Barrel Bourbon #1562 - ADHD + Stuff & Whiskey, Nashtucky 8yr Single Barrel Bourbon #2814 - OMWP - Yup. Buffalo Trace Kosher provides a truly kosher spirit that also fully delivers on the palate. This is a wild bourbon. When youre in Nashville, come on by. Barrel Yield: 150 / 750ml bottles "That Red Head" Selected by Whiskey Hunt Australia in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville Barrel Company Small Batch Rye Whiskey Batch 1 Company: Nashville Barrel Company Distillery: Sourced (From undisclosed distillery [ies] in Indiana) Release Date: November 2020 Proof: 100 Age: Blend of 4 and 7 Year rye whiskeys Mashbill: 95% Rye, 5% Malted Barley Color: Dark Gold MSRP: $60 Official Website NOSE Now you can easily order Nashville Barrel Company online & get it delivered to your door with our easy to use alcohol delivery service. After resting for about 30 seconds and a slight swirl, I started to sniff out some caramel, vanilla . Thats when he took me up a small hill around the back of the property and showed me where the new music pavilion is going to be. You'll go behind the scenes to get Recommended by 97% of travelers from $165.00 per adult Reserve Premium Tasting Experience with Guide By Nashville Barrel Co It has not Changed since. This is the one and only Old Forester to buy (outside of their limited edition releases that you cant ever find). Nashville Barrel Company, Tennessee Single Barrel Bourbon Barrel: 1381. Have a dram, a bottle, or a barrel and find out why the people have been talking about us. Went here today for a tasting/tour and it was way beyond phenomenal!!! This is far and away the best whiskey on the list. 228K subscribers in the bourbon community. This version of Jeffersons famed Oceans Series sailed through the North Sea, around Europe, along the Atlantic Seaboard, and through the Panama Canal before ending up in New York City. But that is hardly the same as suggesting, They dont make anything. Other brands source MGP whiskey, but very few of them have spent years picking through barrels to understand their nuances and aging characteristics like Mike and James have. We don't have some made-up story of a lost recipe that we found in the attic of our relatives house. 36 votes, 13 comments. Finished almost 2-years in Ex-bourbon in Nashville) Bottle Count: 234. $79.99 These folks are the mad scientists/magicians working with barrels that are either contract distilled or sourced from a distillery before a blending team finishes and blends those barrels into special (sometimes one-off) whiskeys that are unlike any other. Nashville Barrel Co. Small Batch Rye Batch 2. Nose: Expect a fairly classic bourbon nose of creamy vanilla, salted caramel apples, and a hint of soft cedar. That blend is then just touched with water before bottling without any fussing. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Nashville Barrel Company is a top flight local operation. We even got a surprise assist from Wilderness Trails Pat Heist, who joined us in the tasting room. I have had a couple different products. NEVER MISS A DROP // SIGN UP FOR UPDATES ON ALL FUTURE PRODUCT RELEASES. One whiskey just couldnt find a honey match, and nobody was willing to proceed on that one with limited enthusiasm for it. Nashville Barrel Company Distillery and Whiskey Bar offers a unique experience in distillery tours and the highest quality whiskey in the Nashville, TN area read more. it finsishes with toasted oak. Palate: The palate opens with dried and leathery apricots dipped in fresh honey next to a sharp cinnamon stick shoved into an orange rind with clove berries in between. When the pairings worked, they really worked. Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Tennessee | prices, stores, tasting notes & market data Single Barrel bottlings selected by various merchants available.. Users have rated this product 4 out of 5 stars. When you hit the $100 mark in bourbon whiskey, you kind of hit a weird in-between zone for the style. Theres a deep layer of sweet graininess that leans into fresh fruit and classic bourbon vanilla and spice notes. 3.8 miles away from Blackstone Brewing Company. It became so popular that friends were asking if they could pick a barrel of our stuff. That is true of every successful individual in their field, and it is certainly the reason Nashville Barrel Company has already developed a loyal following. The 30 Best Bourbon Whiskeys For Fall, Blind Tasted & Ranked Part 1: The Tasting Zach Johnston Taste 1 Zach Johnston Tasting Notes: Nose: The nose opens slightly tannic with rich orange zest and. He is as cool as they come, and his energy is infectious. Four double golds at the 2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Sign up to receive future product release info. Still at Arrowhead, Nashtucky 8yr Single Barrel Bourbon #2796 - OMWP - Fly Eagles Fly, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Honey - #2G2 Bundle w/ Agave + Rye, Nashville Barrel Co Single Barrel Rye Whiskey - 10yr - #479 - Stella's BDay, Nashtucky Single Barrel Bourbon - 5yr - #1556 - OMWP. You must be 21 or over to enter this website. After a 7,314-mile trip across America, the barrels were vatted, proofed, and bottled as-is. We also aim to lay a foundation of members and reviews that will help us all enjoy the best spirits and avoid the rest. If youre a fan of Paisley or the great work coming out of Bardstown Bourbon Company right now, then this is a must-buy. I'd highly recommend. This is another delicious whiskey that proves that sourcing whiskey is more than just putting whiskey in a bottle. This is the whiskey you pour when you want something that tastes classy. Tasting the honey was a surprisingly similar process. Inside the Nashville Barrel Company: Jim and Mike take a peek inside the Nashville Barrel Company with founders Mike and James. Well, the word got out fast. Others were tweaked and fine-tuned until there were smiles all around. Read Brett's full profile. Though be warned, these prices are set for delivery (Total Wine and ReserveBar mostly) in Kentucky or distillery bottle shops. The whiskey is a Tennessee bourbon (some say it must be Dickel) aged for 12 long years in very lightly charred oak. It's a blend of 4-year-old and 7-year-old Indiana . Barrel Stock Trading Co. has created a new model for investing in the bourbon and whiskey wholesale market. Sale, Distillery: Sourced (From undisclosed distillery in Indiana). Finish: The end holds onto that dry bark, as a hint of anise pops late with a slight vanilla cream tobacco touching off the medium-length fade. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive news and updates. Regular price $79.99. Fortunately, a drink that takes literal years to reach its selling point gives us ample time to prepare. in Distilleries. Hell, youll probably have some money left over if you do that instead of paying the aftermarket price. Nose: Theres a lightness at first whiff that gives way to a soft apricot jam on a buttered Southern biscuit next to a hint of cinnamon-spiked caramel and apple cider-soaked oak staves.